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Instructions for selecting artificial turf suitable for playgrounds in schools

//Instructions for selecting artificial turf suitable for playgrounds in schools

Instructions for selecting artificial turf suitable for playgrounds in schools

The artificial turf playground is the solution chosen by many schools such as preschools, primary schools and universities because of many preeminent features. In this article, we will give you suggestions and instructions so that you can choose artificial grass suitable for school playground. 

Nowadays, artificial grass  is widely used in many fields of life, from artificial grass football field, artificial grass garden, artificial grass playground, interior and exterior decoration, restaurant and showroom decoration. , restaurants, … When it comes to artificial grass, many people mistakenly believe that there is only one artificial grass that can be used for all the above mentioned works. However, in fact, artificial grass for football fields, gardens, golf courses … has many differences.

Artificial grass in general, made from synthetic PE fibers, has a certain elasticity, bright colors similar to natural grass. However, due to the characteristics of use, the specifications of playground grass will be different from that of artificial turf grass .

Artificial turf grass is usually lower in grass fiber height than artificial turf grass, for example often the pitch is 30, the grass will be 50. The distance between the pitches is 5 / 8 inches, but the replay grass is 1 / 2inch. So when you look at it, you will very clearly distinguish these two grasses.

Notes when choosing artificial turf playground

To create a playground for children, artificial grass needs to meet the following conditions:

– Clean, safe for health

– Soft and mellow, help baby minimize scratches and injuries

– Beautiful, fresh colors

So when choosing artificial grass as a playground for your baby, you should pay attention to the following good points:

Grass pattern : due to the variety of artificial grass, you should determine which one you like and whether your playground is suitable for that type.

Grass color : more advanced technology makes artificial grass more diverse in color, green color of young leaves full of vigor, dark green with strong colors or grass patterns mixed with grass fibers extremely natural, …

Features of grass : here you need to pay attention to the softness and elasticity of grass. Artificial grass for playgrounds will require high softness and good elasticity, friendly to children.

Specifications of artificial grass

To make it easier to choose artificial grass for a playground for children in schools and kindergartens, invite you to learn the specifications of artificial grass, so you can choose the right one.

Dtex : Unit dtex (or Decitex) – is a unit of measurement corresponding to 1 gram / 10,000 m.

The higher the dtex parameter, the thicker and better artificial grass, can withstand the impact on it stronger and will be more durable under environmental factors (temperature, humidity, …)

Gauge : Parameter shows the distance between two rows of grass. The unit of measure is usually an inch (3/4 inch = 19 mm).

Density : Density represents the density of stitches, ie the number of stitches on 1m2 of artificial grass.

Pile height : Shows the height of the grass, in mm.

Stitch Rate : Number of stitches of grass (How many nose / 10 cm).

Artificial grass base

Artificial turf usually has 2.3 base layers, made of rubber or nylon. The grass is better, the base will be thicker and firmer, the thin base will be easier to wear when under the rain. Good soles as well as good grass will not be much affected by the weather by being coated through a protective chemical layer before being put into use.

Currently there are many artificial grasses on the market with many different prices.

artificial turf

Quality base layer of garden grass

Cỏ nhân tạo

With good grass, the manufacturer usually warrants for 7 – 10 years for you. You should also pay close attention to this when choosing to buy artificial grass. Good quality grass can be more expensive, but its shelf life is long.

The types of grass that have not been coated through the protection layer are easy to be damaged, the manufacturer only warrants within 3 years, when entering Vietnam, the supplier and distributor also provide warranty for you within 2 -3 years. You should consider it because after 2-3 years you will have to strip old grass and make new grass for the yard. The cost will be huge compared to the fact that you spend more money to get good grass and use it for 5-6 years. Besides, low quality, low quality grass can also have a negative impact on your baby’s health when exposed.

Currently, in Vietnam artificial grass companies often have 4-year, 5-year or 6-year warranties depending on the type of grass. Consider how long the product will endure and under what conditions the warranty will be available. This will save you repair costs if unfortunately there is a problem during the warranty period.

With artificial grass products provided by lucky clover , warranty period of up to 5 years , you can be assured of our quality grass. We will advise to select good artificial grass for your football field or yard.

With the information provided above, Lucky clover  hopes to help you in making decision to choose artificial grass for playground in school.

If you have no  experience selecting artificial turf  and feel there is too much trouble in this regard, let us help you.

Along with the development of artificial turf field in Vietnam in recent years, Lucky clover  has constantly researched and developed to bring quality products to meet the increasing demands of customers.

Come to us, customers will be consulted enthusiastically and thoughtfully to have the most optimal plan for a quality artificial turf field.

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